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Featured Publications  Sutin, A. ... , 2016, Perceived weight discrimination, changes in health, and daily stressors., Obesity

 Ferrie, J. ... , 2016, Job insecurity and risk of diabetes: A meta-analysis of individual participant data., Can Med Assoc J

 Woodley of ... , 2017, Slow and steady wins the race: K positively predicts fertility in the USA and Sweden. , Evolutionary Psychological Science

 Petkus, A. ... , 2017, Gene-environment interplay in depressive symptoms: Moderation by age, sex, and physical illness., Psychol Med

 Gunderson, J., ... , 2017, Emotional cost of emotional support? The association between intensive mothering and psychological well-being in midlife., J Fam Issues

 Segel-Karpas, D., ... , 2017, The reciprocal relationship between depression and physical morbidity: The role of subjective age., Health Psychol

 Wong, J. ... , 2017, The moderating influences of retirement transition, age, and gender on daily stressors and psychological distress. , Int J Aging Hum Dev

 Schwartz, J. ... , 2017, Long-term physical health consequences of perceived inequality: Results from a twin comparison design. , Soc Sci Med


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